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Is an essence that need not be explained, but rather is felt.  Its the souls connection to a greater knowing, that undying truth that yearns to guide.  Spirituality mirrors the truth of who and what you are.  Feeling into it from your unique point of view is what will guide you into a higher perspective.

-as translated by Harmony, my Inner Voice



Unlocking the wisdom that lives within.



Letting go of old Impressions



Empowering your perceptions

My spirituality is what has given me life. Separate from any religion or one standard set of philosophy, spirituality to me is my unique connection to a higher guiding force.


My foundation is in yoga and I stand rooted within the philosophy of what this practice has taught me.  As I've explored the world, I've explored it's teachings from many cultures, perspectives and beliefs.  I'm a student of this life and continue to weave and integrate new resources into my instruction through my exploration with my teachers, mentors, but especially through my innate.

It wasn't until I found a connection to my Intuition (inner voice) that I could allow myself to shift out of the rational thinking mind (ego) and begin to perceive things from a great perspective.  My intuition is the key to

As an Intuitive Teacher I work with the wisdom that’s been passed down to me, combined with the knowledge that is transferred to me.  This enables me to  support my students in deepening and enriching their life's experience.  


It’s my belief that we each arrive to this life with a great sense of Purpose.  My goal as your teacher is to bear witness to who you are on that deeper plane... to share hints along the way that will help you pick up those tools, sharpen them and begin to shape the life that will lead to your Greatest Fulfillment. As we work together, I’ll share tools and techniques that my teachers have passed onto me.  These practices that expand me but equally ground me into the truth of who and what I have to share with this world. 



My private work is inspired by each individual, but some of the offerings I weave into our

time together include, but are not limited to:

  • Intuitive Meditation: I created this meditation in 2018 in order to help my dearest friends tap into their Inner Voice.  It's one of my favorite offerings, as I get to witness an individual discover the answers to every deep question they've every posed, within themselves.

  • Energy Work: I've been called to understand the invisible pulse that both gives life and takes it away.  I'm a certified Reiki Master and continue to weave in the guiding principles of Qigong as my mentor bestows them upon me.

  • Pranayama: This unique practice has the power to evolve an individual with the energizing power of the breath, our life force.  Lay back, breathe, and exhale all that's not serving.

  • Psoas Release: Being the key muscle in the Fight or Flight nervous system, the Psoas holds onto our lifelong pain, emotions, and traumas.  The tightness that is trapped in the Psoas can ripple out to places in the body that are weak and create chronic pain and tension. 

  • Journaling Through the Soul: One of the most potent transformers is putting pen to paper and discovering what's hidden away.  For even those shy writers, I open up the world that journaling has to offer.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you + walking alongside of you in this adventure we call life!

Jessy Raspiller

Sessions with me are based on meeting each individual where they are at in their

Spiritual Journey and expanding from there.

We begin first and most importantly by setting an intention for our time together; your 'Why' for diving into this work.

This intention sets the baseline for the work and from there we allow our intuitions to guide us to a deeper level of Awareness.  Don't worry, if working with your own intuition is something new to you, one of my favorite elements of this work is guiding someone as they unlock that all-knowing voice for the first time.

One of the most intriguing things to me is, just how familiar this feels to each individual once they unlock it.

I invite you to sit with this question:

"Do you often times feel this pull that something has been missing?" 

If the answer is YES!

Than take a moment to introduce yourself to me

Words of Gratitude:

4 Week Program

I went on several retreats with Jessy and found that when I returned home, I lost the grounding and peace I'd found "out there". I wanted to learn how to carry those feelings forward so that I could live daily in a more meaningful and conscious way. Between the homework and weekly practices I feel so much closer to what I need to lean into as I follow my intuition

-Anna S-

Psoas Release:

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the psoas class. I've only done it twice now but feel a huge sense of relief after the release, and knowing that you do these classes locally.
Your vibes and ability to center are fantastic -- thanks so much for what you do!

-Danny Z-

Intuitive Meditation

 The effects of this experience have been continual, even as I am out of this deeply connected state. I did not want to leave, I felt as if I had almost crossed into another dimension of pure love and joy. My inner voice was kind, yet lovingly amused with my mind stories, but I never felt I was "Silly" or ridiculous in my earthly worries. I was able to break through fears that had been building and can recall them now at will. The feeling of safety, complete inner calm and so much love for the human being that I am right now. 

-Kariann J-


Who knew that breathing could be so POWERFUL.  I literally had to sit in my car and "sober up" from the sensations that I felt... a body experience that is hard to describe, coupled with an intense shift of emotional baggage I'd been holding onto for far too long.

-Melissa K.-

What's Right for You?

We find ourselves in a unique time and space and I'm encouraged more than ever to support you in your personal journey.

Please note that my services are currently being offered on

a sliding scale.  If you're ready to do the work, we can find an option that works for you.

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