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Work With the Forces of Nature That Are Within You:

Teacher + Healer

I price my service based on the value of the education, self study and years of service I've offered.  However I honor anyone that is willing to show up and do the work and will adapt my pricing to meet an individuals needs.

Let's chat!


Clinical Herbalism

Work with the healing powers of Nature.

Bring vitality + rejuvenation into the mind, body and spirit

A 60min offering that works with the unique Nature of each individual's body.  Incoming clients will be asked to fill out an intake form, taking into consideration general body health as well as any immediate challenges and health conditions.

What is a clinical intake good for?

  • A specific condition(s) client is looking to support

  • Integrating Herbs and natural remedies into daily routines

  • Pairing herbal remedies with Western Medical Plans (requires the collaboration with Dr)

  • Individuals who are looking to learn more about how to mitigate and manage the regular rhythms of their bodies

Interested In a Clinical Herbalism Session?

Fill out the form below + I'll follow up within 24 hours to setup a Zoom Session

starting at $95

**doesn't include any additionally suggested herbs or supplements

Somatic Mentorship

Somatic work helps the body + mind renegotiate pain, anxiety/depression, trauma, unhealthy relationship habits, and breaking through patterned behavior.

In these 90min sessions we will navigate specific topics, current life events, and/or ailments in the physical body.

Session work looks like:

  • "Talk Therapy" or rather discussing the challenges that day to day life presents and beginning to witness opportunities + inspirations that will propel you forward

  • Meditation + Breathing techniques

  • Somatic Movement- specifically centered around the Psoas Release practice.  The Psoas being the muscle of fight or flight it often holds onto old pain body.  Through this somatic release practice we get in and loosen up the muscle for a dynamic release.

starting at $150

Somatic Mentorship in Person + Zoom

Send me an email to setup a complimentary consultation so we can customize a session

Life Qi Renewal

Qi (che)

Energy, Life Force, Vitality

An ancient hands on bodywork technique that works at the cellular level of the body.

Life Qi Renewal protocols connect to the energy map of your body to uncover the root cause of chronic challenges; physical pain, limiting beliefs, communication, relationship patterns, anxiety, etc.

What Can I Expect: 

  • A variety of hands on techniques are used: Cupping, Tapping, Open Hand, + Fists that generate Qi flow.

  • Just as in a deep massage we can hit “pain points” in the body where discomfort arises. It is the tendency in our human nature to tense up when pain arises.  Through Life Qi protocols you’ll learn to acknowledge the pain +  breathe “out with the old, in with the new”

  • Based on your unique session we begin to "unknot" associations with old patterns.  Within these old patterns we can uncover the root cause of deep discomfort that's been held in the body. 

  • As we move through our session we explore new habits that will continue to support yourself in times of discomfort long after our time together has ended. 

starting at $195

Life Qi Renewal Sessions are done in person on a massage table, clothes on.

Send me an email to setup a complimentary consultation so we can customize a session towards your Healing needs

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