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Jessy Raspiller


Creative - Teacher - Healer  

Lover of all things Wild + Free


Date of Birth:

June 4th

Gemini :: Sun

Leo :: Moon

Sagittarius :: Rising

Find me in Ventura, CA

Managing my first born: Ventura Pop Up Yoga or out in the Wild, nurturing my True Self

A Bit About Me

I’ve been exploring healing modalities for nearly 20 years.  My curiosity turned obsession with the Psoas Muscle [the muscle of the soul] propelled me onto a path that began with trauma informed movement and release techniques.  The movement practices of yoga, would guide me into a deeper understanding of the healing capacity and into the subtle body through the breath. Over the past 5 years I’ve studied and trained in multiple movement and breathing certifications.  As I saw what the breath could do, it began to awaken and teach me the pathways of energy in the human condition.  Exploration of energy became began to open up and piece together the puzzle of life.  In 2018, I began an intensive 1:1 mentorship with the ancient Life Qi Renewal protocols.

In 2022 I found one of the missing pieces that will go on to weave my passion for the body, nature + energy:

Clinical Herbalism.  In June of 2022 after 400+ of course work and study I passed my final exams and have begun the journey of educating + support others with the power of plants

Combined I have over 1,500 hours of movement, breath and healing certifications.  Each of these pieces of exploration, came to me because I needed them in my own life’s journey.  As I opened up to the different ways to renew + recalibrate the human body, it always began with my personal case studies on mySelf.


My teachings + private sessions weave the methods of many ancient lineages into a healing practice.

I look forward to showing me what my life's journey has taught me.

Work Experience

August 2014

April 2015

Sept 2016

April 2018

October 2018

October 2018 - Present

October 2019

June 2022

Completed my first YTT training and began teaching Yoga in the Wild

Launched Ventura Pop Up Yoga to encourage new and seasoned participants to find the practice of yoga

Trauma Informed Somatic Certification

500 Hour RYT with Janet Stone School of Yoga

The Anatomy of Awakening Breathwork Certification

1:1 Mentorship with Dr James Leary training in Life Qi Renewal

Reiki Master Training

Clinical Herbalism Certification

More to Come

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