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**Please note this product is on pre-sale and we expect to get these in your hand by mid March.  Option to ship or we will offer a week long class pick up option. You'll be notified and choose a date for your pick up.


Our version of the classic baseball tee.  3/4 sleeves in black and light gray.


T-shirt is a soft vintage fee.  Unisex sizing.  Fits true to size.


This tee is an homage to my bestie Raylan "Chippy" Spencer.  Chippy spent the first years of his life working at Pop Up Yoga with his mom Jen.  Raylan is obsessed with baseball and we're honoring his work he put into this community with this special t-shirt.

"Chip" Off the Ol Block Baseball Tee (Unisex)

Color: Black/Gray
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