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Channel Islands National Park

Santa Rosa Islands

Yoga in the Wild:

Venture Away to an
 Island Paradise
Santa Rosa Island
August 2-5th, 2019

Calling all backpacking, adventure loving yogis... your summer adventure awaits!

We're so excited to announce our first excursion to Santa Rosa Island.  If Santa Cruz Island feels like home, then Santa Rosa is our island paradise.  Covered in white sand beaches, Torrey Pines, and a miles of winding trails that draw us to secluded shoreline and slot canyons.

Our Santa Rosa trip is the perfect trip for experienced backpackers and hikers.  We will use Water Canyon Campground as our daily launching pad to explore the 26 miles that this island offers. The terrain curves and carves out miles of the most picturesque scenic trails, that will thrill any adventure junky.  


Enjoy daily yoga practices suitable for any levels, meant to compliment the wild terrain. 


Join us for 4 days and 3 nights.

Trip Includes:

-Round trip boat ticket via Island Packers: Departure Aug 2nd and Return trip departing Aug 5th from Santa Rosa Islands.

-Daily Yoga Classes/Meditations for  All Levels

-Daily Hiking Excursions

-Group enriching experiences that compliment this trip

-Down Time for Self-exploration, relaxation, or to simply lay on the beach!

-A sense of Community by your side to take on this bold adventure.

We customize each of our Yoga in the Wild retreats.  We love catering our experiences to the particular group that forms around each of these retreat.  No two Yoga in the Wild retreats have ever been the same, and Santa Rosa is sure to inspire some incredible group bonding for all of us!

The Channel Islands are set as a predominate backdrop in our backyard, and yet there are so many obstacles to plan a getaway to explore.  We've taken the work out of  YOUR adventure, so all you have to do is pack your gear and meet us at the dock.


This trip is meant to invoke the spirit of adventure that lives within all of us, but most importantly this is the time to turn “it” all off and just truly connect to what nature has to offer. 

 Early Bird Adventure Package:

$444 per person

Pricing after June 30th: $495

 Mandatory meeting on Monday July 22nd at 6:30pm: please communicate with us if this time/date is an obstacle for you or if you are not local to the Ventura area. We can potentially make other arrangements to get you important information regarding this trip.

**Considerations for this Trip:

This event is for 18+. Please keep in mind that this journey will be a “pack in pack out” based trip. It’s best to go into this trip with a Back Country mentality in regards to your personal logistics.  Anything you bring will need to be hiked two miles to the Campgrounds. The boat requires we pack gear so that that no item exceeds the  45lbs (they will check). You will need to coordinate your meals, water and tent. Due to public health regulations, we are not able to provide or coordinate food service for participants. There is pottable water available at the campgrounds but no open fires are permitted, please plan accordingly. At our meeting we will be covering more logistics and sharing some gear ideas as you prepare and plan for this excursion.  

**Please Note: All Sales Are Final. No refunds will be considered, unless severe weather impairs our retreat. We are at the mercy of Island Packers charter boats being able to dock at Scorpion Anchorage.  In case of unfavorable weather or sea conditions, Island Packers may cancel or modify departure times, which we will communicate with you in a timely manner. However, in the event of light rain and other mild weather conditions we will continue as scheduled. In the rare event that we have to cancel these retreat dates, you will have the opportunity to reschedule your retreat dates to a future event (subject to availability) or receive a full refund.

Who we are:

Erin Merritt is a Ventura photographer who’s thirst for nature exceeds what she can find in the comfort of her backyard.  Her curiosities have taken her around the world, to the tops of mountains and into the depth of herself.  She began teaching yoga 4 years ago to share with others what she found on the mat.  A chance re-connection with Jessy ignited both their sense of adventures and they began hosting expansive retreats to the Channel Islands National Park, an hour off the Ventura coastline.

Jessy Raspiller is the owner of Ventura Pop Up Yoga and created Venture Well Yoga to take people deeper into their yoga path.  At the start of 2018, she knew she needed to dive deeper.  She spent most of the year traveling the world, but most importantly the Western US.  With just her jeep, a tent and a sense of adventure she found what she always knew, nature is key to our survival.  When she steps onto a trail, or rolls out a blanket in the forest, it’s like she can breathe again. 

The breath of life is out there.  Let’s find it together.







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