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Abhyanga Massage :: Ayurvedic How To

We're sneaking in an extra video this week to share with you how you can incorporate your own Ayurvedic self care practices into this time in quarantine.

Abhyanga massage is an warmed oil massage that can be practiced daily to enhance the variety in the body.

We hope that this brings some inspiration that nourishes you now and always. If you're curious about your personal Doshas, please take a moment to find an online quiz that can help you to narrow down your Ayurvedic "personality"

We love the Bayan Botanical products that support our individual constitutions and you can also find a quick Dosha quiz on their page

If you'd like a local (Ventura based) practitioner, we'd love to recommend our dear frined,

Natalie from Purnamaya Ayurveda

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