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{2020} Wild Diaries :: Day 6-8

I sink in...

For the past three summers I’ve spent a portion of my days in the Northeast corner of Idaho. The town may be tiny but the natural world is expansive. I first came here by chance, on a recommendation by a friend that suggested I check out a state park for a possible yoga retreat location. That dropped pin on my virtual map, now has my heart dropped over the top of it.

In 2018, this was the first spot my girlfriends and I camped at on my Into the Wild journey. I just remember eating camp meals; aka charcuterie noshes, as the light faded and the stars took over. A meteor showered rained upon the sky that night. We laid down on blankets under that cover of that canvas above. Listening to the strength of the nearby Henry Fork River, giggling and hugging a can of bear spray.

In this moment, for the first time in years I felt my body surrendered.

I let go… and I let myself sink IN.


I say this often, but what does it actually mean to SINK IN?

I had to sit with this for a moment to find words for it. It’s the casting off of expectations. It’s the rejection of what you thought you’ve come for. It’s allowing this moment and the next show you what they can do for you. It’s not dissolving the excitement… but it’s allowing JOY to dominate with the excitement of what could be.

Coming to a place for 3 summers in a row, there’s bound to be an expectation that it’ll be as magnificent as the past. In other times in my life I used to feel that excitement from what had been and try to project it into what could be. It always set me up for failure. It’s important to have an intention, especially if you’re traveling with others. What’s your WHY? Stating this and sharing it with your friends helps you stay accountable to your own motives, but also to respect theres.

This year I shared this space, this experience with a handful of my dearest friends and their families. I asked them to really think hard about WHY this trip spoke to them. To share amongst the group what they hope to get out of this time; family time, group hang time, touristy destinations, or quiet time. I speak for myself but this has always been an incredibly important piece when I travel with others. As a reformed people pleaser and a FOMO sufferer, it's let me have permission to take time away from the group setting.


Sink In Meditation:

Try this, the next time you head out for an adventure; whether it’s alone or with a group.

Give yourself 20mins to truly sink in. If you’re in a group setting, give yourself permission to separate for this time and find a quiet space, preferably within the natural surroundings. You can sit, you can walk, you can swing in a hammock. Just set your Instagram stories aside for a moment and let this time be for you.

In this case eyes open always feels ideal. Casting a soft gaze on a natural piece of the landscape. Take 3 big, long rounds of breath. See if you can count to 7 or 8 in your mind as you fill your lungs and chest. A generous exhale out the mouth, and repeat.

Feel your body. Where are you holding tension? Chest, lower back, neck? See if you can softly gaze out at this object while the back of your mind focuses on the subtleties of your body. Now notice the mind. Is it filled with chatter of unpacking? What’s for dinner? Did the kids just call me? See if you can bring the awareness fully back to the object in front of you when the mind wanders.

If the mind wants to chatter, ask it to chatter about the landscape. How does that object respond to it’s surroundings? If it’s a tree is it blowing in the breeze? How does each piece of the tree respond? Is it harmony or chaos? Are there animals engaging with this object? If so what is the relationship like?

Keep checking in that you’ve got a steady but natural breath flowing. Draw yourself into the intention you’ve set, or take this time to bring that intention in now. Remain here ideally for 15+ mins.

As you get up to move on with your journey notice how you feel? Reminder yourself through this adventure, and always that you can come back to this. Simply by focusing on the breath with a single minded focus.

Allow yourself to “sink IN”


I often wonder if I fell in love with this corner of the world because it held me and made me feel safe all those years ago. That it gave me the taste of the freedom that truly sinking in facilities.

At any other point in my life, would I have driven right through? Never knowing the wonderment that this place would have to offer year after year. It becomes the chicken and the egg conundrum and at the end of the day it doesn’t matter. I’ve found this place that’s idealized for trout fishing and has a reputation for grizzly bears, and someone it has become my safety net. 1,100 miles from the place I call home, I leave a piece of my heart so that I will always come back.

Each summer an invitation to Sink In.


I spent this time sinking in and share this section of my trip as an offering in this one entry. If you join in on the audio journey you'll understand just how important this place has come to me. I share how I purchased a piece of land last year and hope to cultivate it slowly over the years. This year with an apple tree and hopefully years to come with a small shack or tiny house, but ALWYAS filled with love, laughter and friends that are like family.

Life is a beautiful journey. I hope you Venture Well.

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