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{2020} Wild Diaries :: Day 3

ri-ˈspekt: an act of giving particular attention

How closely do we truly pay attention to the world around us? Each moment a fleeting opportunity to bring us into a deeper awareness.

My Into the Wild journeys have been mini teaching modules on the energetic properties of the Universe. Truly beginning to find the truth in the thought that “everything is ultimately connected”. Through great awareness actually being able to see/sense that concept to be shown more of my truest nature.

What does this mean?

As I continue down this path, I ultimately choose to let go of many social conforms, so that I can take the road that leads me deeper into my Great Purpose. Paying close attention to the signs and synchronicities that are laid out for me. I shared briefly in yesterdays podcast episode that numerological alignment that was guiding me. Today’s episode I’ll be sharing a greater perspective of How, you attune to theses messages. For now I want to share with you the concept of Respect and how a deeper relationship with a piece of yourself can propel you further down your own path..



R.E.S.P.E.C.T. as Aretha Franklin crooned to us “find out what it means to me”. I went on to google her song lyrics this morning and saw the acronym “TCB” that I’ve wailed a hundred times singing along to this song. “Take Care of Business”. Yes ma’am. That’s exactly on point with today’s message.

Take Care of your business. Your business being your greater sense of Purpose. What are you doing Here? I don’t anticipate everyone definitively knows the answer to that question. If you do wonderful, if you don’t then you just keep asking the questions.

Questions to me are like the spell that reveals the magic potion. Ask the right question and poof, suddenly the answer you need is revealed. More often than not, I’ll jump on a call with my teacher filled to the brim with questions from work and practice I’ve been integrating. I always preface it with “I have a list of questions that seemingly a 6 year old pieced together”. By the time the question leaves my lips, the answer has filled my mind.

For me, most of my life I had a longing. This sense that something was missing. That there must be more. As it turns out nothing was ever missing, I had just be misaligned in my life’s adventure. My first year Into the Wild was preceded by a series of questions that kept tripping up the “life plan” I had created.


In July of 2017 someone asked me rhetorically “what do you want”. Under the impression that I, unlike themselves, had it all figured out. I lay in bed that night distraught.


As I slipped that question silently across my lips my entire life shifted. I suddenly had this awareness that while I had a charmed life, it was built upon someone else’s standards of what life was supposed to be. Very quickly the walls of perceived perfection and happiness crumbled. I no could no longer make believe that I had it all figured out, as I realized the life I’d created, was not the one I was supposed to be living…

Month after month more questions followed that would slowly help me to fill in the blanks and reveal a greater awareness. I still didn’t know what I wanted, but I knew I didn’t want to continue on as I was; sleep walking through a beautiful life.

A question that followed in the months to come was What’s Missing?

I’ve come to realize that this question is deeper than it seems. In some ways this is what I went seeking in 2018. Seeking this greater sense of wisdom, connection, of freedom. And as I spoke about yesterday, freedom not from responsibility but freedom to be aligned with what was always mine!


Let’s go deeper:

I believe that each of us is born into this life with a unique brand. Like a branding iron its made a deep impression upon each of us, that reminds us where/how we belong in this life. We come to this planet with an abundance of gifts, that when discovered align us with our Purpose and it makes life so much more meaningful. As children we are very aware of these gifts and our abilities, but as the social constraints bind us to societal expectations and beliefs of what we are to do and how we “should” live in this life, often times those gifts get buried.

So what’s missing? As I wrote that my intuition clearly spoke “our memory”.

Yes! This spiritual journey isn’t an act of acquiring anything. It’s the act of awakening a long forgotten memory that lay dormant. Nothing is actually missing, we’ve just forgotten.

It’s only when we begin to do the healing work and peel back that layers that we can begin to discover that identifiable brand that we bare upon our soul. The mark of our legacy, our blueprint, which will undoubtedly lead us to the Great Work of our life. It’s when we begin to follow the clues, the synchronicities that lead us to ask great questions that we can begin to discover our TRUE selves. The one we’ve always felt in “there”.

What we’re seeking isn’t “out there”. While I take you on this great journey of my life that began looking for these very things, I’m here to let you in on a little secret. These Into the Wild journeys have always been about going “into” the Inner Wild that lives within me. Stepping into the Wildness of nature, was the way I was shown many years ago. The element of nature has been etched into my life and it is my great teacher. It was how I would find, and did find myself, my TRUE self.

I invite you to lean into your own Inner Wildness. With great RESPECT, meaning awareness, we begin to discover all that has been waiting for us.

Are you ready to discover your True Self?



Today's journey was not short of magic. Probably one of my favorite days of following sign after sign. It all began with a chat in the coffee shop of downtown Twin Falls, as I shared on today's podcast episode.

From the baristas tips it really took off when I got out of service and just followed road signs for a place called "Crow's Nest". Supposedly 17 miles off a back country road I'd find this elusive spot. With no cell service and further signage I followed my intuition seeing where it was going to lead me.

I never found any more signs that told me where Crow's Nest was and after spinning past 17 miles on this road, I realized I was out here for other reasons. Sometimes the spark of our curiosities is just the catalyst to get you moving forward.

Four hours later, as I was skipping through an open pasture looking for "treasure", a local rancher told me the Crow's Nest was a tree that had burned down years ago... and he pointed to the other sides of the dirt road. Some how I knew I was in the right spot, it just turns out what I was looking for was different.

It's all about that greater RESPECT, that pull that the Universe is duding us on.

Here's a few photos of the Wild dirt road adventure I found myself on after following the signs out of Twin Falls, ID

Life is a beautiful journey. I hope you Venture Well.

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