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Vitality Idaho:

A Retreat for Women

Island Park, Idaho

Venture Away with Us

June 27th - July 1st, 2019

Mother's Day Special: Save $200 when you pay in full

by May 12th

VITALITY: the power giving continuance of life, present in all living things.

This retreat is...


an opportunity to put away, let go, detach from external chaos

space (acres of it!) to step into, embrace, play in the elements that energize us

time to rebuild, discover, nourish tangible connection


We all feel the drain from time to time, a sheer loss of power. Life moves fast, obligations accumulate, and external pressures weigh heavily.  It's easy to over-extend, over-commit, over-book ourselves until we have nothing left give and not enough energy to do anything more than sit on the couch and watch Hulu (not that there's anything wrong with Hulu - or Netflix - but what comes after the season finale of The Handmaid's Tale?). We get caught in a pattern of either going-going-going or collapsing from exhaustion.


The questions are:

How do we refuel? 

How do we learn to change those patterns? 

How do we reignite our own vitality?

The answers are:

Not complicated.  

They're available in nature.

They're present in the elements; water, fire, air, earth.

They're accessible to us anytime, given we know how to access them.  

We believe that tangible connection to our surroundings sustains our vitality, like our very own renewable resource. We've curated this retreat with tools to rekindle your vital energy and incorporate into your own daily practice.


What does this include?

​Daily meditation 

Yoga clases - 1 to 2 daily

Guided hikes throughout Harriman's 16,000 acre wildlife refuge

Trail rides on horseback - no experience necessary! 

Intro to fly fishing - we'll learn the zen of casting a fly rod (think of it as a new kind of meditation)

Thoughtful journal prompts and yoga philosophy - because life itself is a yoga practice


Group sessions designed to leave you with tools for use in your everyday life

Nightly circles around the bonfire

Locally sourced, fresh meals beginning with Thursday evening's welcome dinner to our final breakfast together on Monday morning

Transportation arrangements from Idaho Falls to Harriman State Park


What's not included?

​Travel to Idaho Falls- ie, planes, trains and automobiles

Fishing licenses for those who would like to catch and release

Travelers insurance (highly recommended)

Excursions outside Harriman State Park- there's a lot to see outside of the park, if you have a couple of extra days we recommend adding them onto the front or the end of the retreat, but we request you stay within the park during our time.


"I've seen this landscape in my dreams, never knowing it exists until now." 

- Unknown


When did you last stand outside, close your eyes, and feel the sun warm on your face while the breeze brushed your skin?  

When did you last listen to water move gently over stones, walk barefoot through cool grasses, and dip your toes in a crystal clear lake?

When did you last wander through the forest without a pressing schedule, inhale sweet pine, and linger to take in the sight of wildflowers or the panorama surrounding you? 

When did you last see a moose in the wild?


Harriman State Park lies within a 16,000 acre wildlife refuge in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.  Known for its beautiful scenery and wildlife, the park offers 22-miles of hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding trails that meander through meadows, along river banks and through lush evergreen forests. known for its beautiful scenery and wildlife, Moose, elk and Trumpeter swans are a common sight within the park. 

Who we are:

Erin Merritt is a Ventura photographer who’s thirst for nature exceeds what she can find in the comfort of her backyard.  Her curiosities have taken her around the world, to the tops of mountains and into the depth of herself.  She began teaching yoga 4 years ago to share with others what she found on the mat.  A chance re-connection with Jessy ignited both their sense of adventures and they began hosting expansive retreats to the Channel Islands National Park, an hour off the Ventura coastline.

Jessy Raspiller is the owner of Ventura Pop Up Yoga and created Venture Well Yoga to take people deeper into their yoga path.  At the start of 2018, she knew she needed to dive deeper.  She spent most of the year traveling the world, but most importantly the Western US.  With just her jeep, a tent and a sense of adventure she found what she always knew, nature is key to our survival.  When she steps onto a trail, or rolls out a blanket in the forest, it’s like she can breathe again. 

The breath of life is out there.  Let’s find it together.








Erin Merritt

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Jessy Raspiller

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Island Park, Idaho

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