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Spiritual Mentorships

Black Sky

Get to Know YourSelf

Through a deeper awareness of your emotions 

 I share with my clients what it means to awaken your senses.

Having the ability to deepen your sensory experience in life enhance your ability to awaken to a greater possibility. Or most simply put

Awakening Your Dreams.

For many of us we go "seeking" because we feel a void. That sense of knowing that there is something we've been missing.  For years we may be unaware of this void, or maybe we've just learned how to cope with it by numbing it. Numbing by my personal definition is related to anything we do to avoid our emotions; watching TV, shopping, working out, scrolling, sugar, drinking, etc etc etc.  Generally speaking none of these activities are inherently negative, but when we "use" them rather than turning to them for pleasure we can begin to witness a trend we have around emotional suppression.

The Body Speaks

Whether you join me for a yoga practice, come in for a session or possibly even decide to humor me with philosophical conversations over brunch; you'll often hear me come back to a concept that I've known to be true my entire life:   The Body Speaks.

The emotions are one way that our body's communicate and express a deeper sense of desire, longing, nourished needs, etc.  But the body also speaks through chronic pain or as I like to call it dis-ease.


How do you begin to "understand" the language of the body?

How does a greater understanding of your emotions + physical pain get you closer to closing the void?

What is that void?

If these questions or others feel relevant to you, let's setup a time to chat and see what we can discover.

The link will send you to my online client form.  Please check the 'complimentary 20min session'

"You deserve your dreams"

I hold space for you to rediscover yourself.

For as long as I can remember it's always been a gift that I'm able to perceive someone's greatest strengths.  In our strenghts lay our dreams and deeper sense of purpose.  I find that often, my clients can sense this within themselves but the blockages and walls that they've built as protection keep them from the point of realizing their dreams.

My role in the relationship as 'Spiritual Mentorship' is to create a safe environment where my clients can remember everything that they have within them. I provide tools for them to begin to chip away at the walls that have been built, while sharing protocols that can help shift away from the old pain and 

It's important that I earn the trust of each individual that I work with.  Throughout our lives we've (un)knowingly build a fortress around ourselves in an attempt to protect ourselves from the pains of the past.  Often those walls tend to keep out what we're seeking rather than further pain.

Starting off, I share with my students, based on their needs, techniques and tools that help to build that trust within First.  It's only when we begin to trust ourselves that we can truly charter deep trust with others once again.


Blurry Lights

I've been feeling great.  The work has really recalibrated me and has created this open space within my body which gives me the feeling of roundedness + awareness


Blurry Lights

Just wanted to let you know how profound our session last week was! I have let so much go this week, especially with regards to my male relationships and had a healing moment with my mom. Thanks for facilitating!


Blurry Lights

The session definitely brought more to the surface than I had anticipated. And your words of “give back their karma” and the idea of “permission” have been heavy on my mind. I feel like I am able to let go and reconsider some of the things that I’ve been holding onto. Moving forward I feel more free and confident in my decisions and relationships. I still feel that I am processing the emotions, thoughts, and focus that we discussed and it has helped guide some situations that have been present since our session. 


Building Trust

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