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Life Qi Renewal


The Body Speaks

Life Qi Renewal taps into the innate intelligence of the body to uncover the root cause of chronic challenges; physical pain, limiting beliefs, communication, etc.

Through the discovery process or as I call it the "unknotting", each practitioner has the invitation to acknowledge and release through what we call:

Out with the Old :: In with the NEW!

'The Eternal Life Force'

What is Life Qi Renewal?


Life Qi (pronounced CHEE) Renewal is a holistic healing technology that marries ancient Chinese medicine with with energy healing, mindfulness and breathwork practices derived from the Himalyas. It combines elements of hands-on bodywork sessions with guided rehabilitation of the breath to create a deeper awareness of the mind, body and spirit. This allows healing to begin on a cellular level.  Once the energy begins to flow, mudras and mantras are integrated into the practice to rewrite old narratives that hold us back on the lifelong journey to health and happiness. 


The breath is what connects us to everything. It gives us a backdoor into the mind to reset and balance the nervous system so that we feel centered and calm in times of stress. When you gain control of the breath and allow stuck energy to release, your body will feel more open, your mind can find peace and your spirit will be renewed. 


Life Qi Renewal has the power to heal injuries, eradicate illness, correct imbalances, and breathe new life into the body. My goal is to empower you to live the life of your dreams, free from limitations.

You can find more about this modality on our worldwide healing page here


Blurry Lights

I've been feeling great.  The work has really recalibrated me and has created this open space within my body which gives me the feeling of roundedness + awareness


Blurry Lights

Just wanted to let you know how profound our session last week was! I have let so much go this week, especially with regards to my male relationships and had a healing moment with my mom. Thanks for facilitating!


Blurry Lights

The session definitely brought more to the surface than I had anticipated. And your words of “give back their karma” and the idea of “permission” have been heavy on my mind. I feel like I am able to let go and reconsider some of the things that I’ve been holding onto. Moving forward I feel more free and confident in my decisions and relationships. I still feel that I am processing the emotions, thoughts, and focus that we discussed and it has helped guide some situations that have been present since our session. 


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