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About Venture Well

Venture Well has been many things, but mostly it has been an evolution of myself and the life’s journey I’ve been on.


Conceived as the brand for a yoga studio that I was dreaming of in Downtown Ventura, it was born with the intention to inspire my community to reach deeper.  To dive into the ‘Well’ of Life and take off on the Venture it mirrors back to you.


Venture Well found its foundation when a spark of inspiration came to me to create retreats that would take individuals out of their comfort zone.  Inspired by the Channel Islands, I hosted my first Yoga in the Wild retreat in 2017.  For 3 days we explored this remote island just 50 minutes off the coast of Ventura, CA.  Advertised as a backpacking retreat, students were asked to pack minimally and to disconnect from their everyday worlds when we jumped on the boat.  The result after 72 hours on an island adventure were astounding.  The invitation to disconnect from what we think we depend on and find the connection to what we actually need, was transformative for all of us.  


As this concept was mirrored back at me, I began to realize that I needed to disconnect from all that was untrue of me.  In 2018 I took off on my ‘Into the Wild’ journeys.  Using my intuition as my internal compass, I navigated over 10,000 miles.  Lead to remote spaces that tested my courage; unequipped and camping in snow to meditating in a forest for hours hoping a bear wouldn’t lick my face.  This first years journey led to a deep self discovery, that I’m only just beginning to unravel and share in my Wild Diaries.


Upon my return and laying new roots in Ventura, I began to expand my teachings from rituals that had revealed themself to me on my journey; Sisterhood Circles, Ceremonies, Full Moon Breathwork Practices, etc.  As I refined these public offerings my Private work was shown to me a greater sense of what I was to extend. 


I heard: "Begin to teach individuals the practices that were your sense of survival in the Wild."  


Because whether we’re on top of a mountain or tackling work chaos, we are all in need of the tools to Thrive in this life.


Venture Well is a journey into the life we desire.  It’s simple, yet complex.  It’s hard to reach, but close within.  It takes a lifetime to find, but it’s something you’ve never actually been without.


Life is a long journey.  I hope you Venture Well.

Jessy Raspiller :: Founder

"Wander until you find yourself... and then wander some more."

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A transplant to Ventura,  Jessy found her community when she created Ventura Pop Up Yoga.  On the mission to make yoga more accessible for those intimidated to roll out a mat, she ended up creating more than just a weekly gathering.  A community was formed of like-minded individuals and as that community grows, Jessy continues to offer more opportunities to deepen their connection.

"The greater vision since I became a yoga teacher, was always to take people deeper. There is the healing work we do "on the mat, and then there is life.  I want to help people THRIVE in their everyday life.  I could tell you who I think I am but truth be told, I will be something different for each person I encounter.  I look forward to the relationship that we can build through our connected consciousness"


NATURE is my greatest teacher, but I've also taken more than 500 hours of yoga teacher trainings; ranging from RYT Asana certifications, Pranayama trainings, and trauma healing for PTSD. I continue to chase life's energy, and in addition am a Reiki Master and find myself deeply woven into a mentorship with Medical Qigong + Quantum Physics.

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